From a young age, we have always had a curiosity about positive symbolism in the world and its meaning. Our father used to love telling us about the intricate meaning of symbols and how you can use different items, like crystals to enable your own self-healing.

Ruth: "I spent many a night as a young child with a crystal under my pillow, whispering all kinds of messages into it that I wished for myself come morning.
In the morning I’d clean that crystal with water and place it with my others to re-energise.
I've now passed this onto my daughter who also loves her healing crystals."

Keeping this at our core the inspiration for this collection was born through our journey over the last two years.

We wanted to bring life back into a collection where connection and chakras were the focal points.

“The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear.”


Photography: Morgan Sibbald

Model: Pamela Sidhu

Hair, makeup and styling: Darya Bing

Lighting: Saskia Koerner