George and I have a pretty classic story of how we met having met at work. We both worked for a small startup company where everyone was very social which made for an interesting time trying to keep it a secret. We were so paranoid about people finding out that on reflection we missed out on the fun of sneaking around the office and after work. Little did we know that there was another secret couple in our team keeping things hush-hush. Our startup should have ditched the business plan and started a dating service.   

Our love for travel has given us some incredible moments, but one that truly stands out is when George came to New Zealand for the first time. It was a whirlwind tour driving the length of the country to meet all of the whanau. It could have been a tad overwhelming, but the beauty and adventure of New Zealand made it a trip we will never forget.

As we write this we are currently making perhaps our best memories yet. We are lucky enough to have a few months off for our honeymoon and have been road-tripping around the UK before we went off to Cuba, Mexico and are about to head to Colombia

As Jaime is a Kiwi, I came to Zoe & Morgan as I knew an NZ designed ring would be really special to her. I arrived in the Notting Hill shop in London with little knowledge of rings but I had a good idea of what Jaime would like. Ruth and her team quickly got me up to speed and I came across a few rings I knew she’d love for their art deco style. I loved the Fides ring but thought Jaime would love and suit something a little different so we decided to go with an emerald for the main stone and we couldn’t be happier with the result. 

As with most proposal stories, it didn’t go quite to plan.


We were away in Australia with Jaime’s family after covid had kept us apart for a couple of years. We managed to plan some alone time with a trip to Byron Bay which I thought was perfect for the big proposal. The night before I told her parents the plan and we were all buzzing. The next morning Jaime woke with a sore throat and took a covid test which came up positive, Byron Bay was cancelled and Jaime was put into isolation. Jaime’s mum had to hide all the champagne. Finally, towards the end of our trip, covid free, we managed to get to the beach just the two of us. Jaime kept apologising for “ruining the holiday” and so I told her if she stopped saying sorry I had a present for her. She promised and I dug out the ring, she said yes and the champagne came out!

Our wedding day was filled with so many special moments that it's tough to pick a favourite. From the delightful chaos caused by our nieces and nephews armed with sand and bubble guns to the touching moment when my family presented George with a pounamu, it was a day to remember.

Amidst the whirlwind, we found a moment of calm thanks to our awesome photographer Leo who snuck us away for a walk around the streets of Brixton, London. Walking around as just the two of us, we got some time to ourselves, a free ice cream and some of our favourite wedding photos.

But if we had to choose one top moment, it would be taking a look around and seeing our worlds colliding. We had friends and family travel from as far as New Zealand, Australia, Colombia, and Canada, all gathered to celebrate with us with our UK friends and family in London. It was truly humbling to see everyone there to celebrate us and is something that made our wedding day extraordinary.

Photography: @leowedphoto