"Zoe & Morgan were completely respectful honouring the original ring, history, love and our desire to combine different elements. They kept the stones and gold in tack and gave new life to their history. Zoe’s creations exceeded both of our expectations. Creating timeless jewellery, combining the history attached to the stones is nothing short of a miracle."

- Janette

Janette came to Zoe with a treasured collection of her mother’s jewellery, with the hope of recycling the gold and diamonds to create two new pieces she and her daughter Erica could wear everyday.

Creating new pieces of jewellery from existing pieces meant that Janette and Erica could look down at these rings, and be reminded of special memories they shared with their mother and grandmother.

With this brief in mind, Zoe re-designed the pieces respecting the original beauty and integrity of the stones as the heart of the designs.

"Respecting heritage, and embracing the future sums up their vision and love for family life. You certainly nailed and extended our brief."

- Erica