Esta: Sam and I were friends for several years before dating, so our relationship grew somewhat organically. He would get given tickets to see various rappers and hiphop shows, then offer to put me on the door…the rest was history! We got engaged at our special spot in Queenstown and 'lived the life' for a week.

Sam proposed with an invitation card, to design my engagement ring through another group but our path ended up finding its way to Zoë & Morgan and we are so happy it did!! Zoë has such an effortless way of connecting with her clients, making you feel like she has all the time in the world to bring your dream to life ..which I’m sure - being one of NZ's most sought after designers - is not the case!

Sam and I are continuously stopped and asked about our rings and truly couldn't recommend Zoë's craft more.. I’m already plotting ways to acquire more of her other-worldly work! We got married on a private property in beautiful Kinloch, on March 7th 2020 (approx 2.5 weeks before lockdown!) and feel incredibly blessed we got to have our day! 

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