"Without being able to articulate what I was looking for, she was incredibly insightful and designed a stunning wedding band that beautifully complimented my ring."

As for choosing the ring, I knew that I wanted something different from the standard and Demetri had been briefed to not choose a ring without me, and instead proposed with a placeholder ring. I had thought that different had to mean a different stone and not a diamond, but after he proposed and I saw a couple of diamonds I was kinda hooked!

A friend of mine had a custom Zoe & Morgan ring and I had been following their Instagram for a while, so when it came to shopping for the ring I thought to visit the Notting Hill store.

In the shop, I spotted the engagement ring and was instantly taken by how simple yet different it was. It was classic in that it was a diamond, but the square setting stood out with character.

I loved the engagement ring on its own but when coupled with the wedding bands it was such a statement ring that I just couldn’t wait to wear all three! The process was so easy in the shop as the ring in store fit me perfectly!

I also loved that I was able to mix and match the golds, I wear a lot of gold jewellery so the engagement ring suits as with the wedding bands being white gold they match my husband's wedding band too.

I get so many compliments on how beautiful my rings are, they are so different and modern yet have a timeless quality too! 

From the beginning of the wedding planning, we knew that it would be a mix of traditions. Demetri is Greek Orthodox so we were to have some traditions from his side incorporated into the day.

It started with his getting ready ceremony (Stolisma) we then were legally married at his family church in North London where D was christened, and his parents and grandparents were married too. We were joined by our bridal party and close family. 

As the Greek ceremony is mostly in ancient Greek, we are not very religious and the ceremony is not very personalised to us we wanted to also have a humanist ceremony to tell our love story and have it more tailored to us.

This happened at The Brewery and everyone was invited to this part of the day. so many of our guests have said they enjoyed it so much being able to hear our story being told in a non-traditional way!

Between the two ceremonies we had some time to take some photos so we went for a walk through Stoke Newington, which conveniently has a KFC on the high street (we totally planned to go there beforehand!) But we love our food and our KFC so this just felt like the most US thing to do and none of our guests knew until the pictures were back!

We also went against tradition and cut the cake straight after the ceremony - this was such a hit as normally the cake comes at the end of the night and no one eats it! Instead, I gave a toast to my new husband and we cut the cake after the ceremony, it was so nice to have dessert first on your wedding day ha!

We also had a brilliant traditional Greek Band which meant for plenty of Greek dancing and then finishing the night with the money dance.

A tradition in which guest pin (or for us masking tape!) money to the bride & groom to help them set up their lives together.

I also created all the wedding stationary myself, from the invites to the seating plan, newspaper styled order of the days, table names, drinks menus and place names!