We adore having Superette as one of our lovely stockists and always turn to them for the latest trends and amazing new brands. How long have you been in the business and where did it all start?

We love Zoe & Morgan! Always such perfect pieces to compliment any outfit. 

I have been with Superette 12 years now. I started out as Customer Service and Online Returns when our office and warehouse was out the back of our Ponsonby store, where the fitting rooms and Homeware space currently is, and I also worked in store.

From there I also did our social media (when it was just blogging, no other social media platforms around at that stage!) and then started to help with styling our E-comm shoots and assisting Rickie in buying. From there I found my niche and fell in love with the buying process and the relationships made with suppliers and brands. I have been solely buying for Womenswear for the past 9 years or so.

The growth of Superette over the years has been so amazing to see and now showcases different offerings such as kids and homewares. What has it been like being a part of that growth and what is a typical work day for you like? 

It has been a very fun process being involved in all these offerings over the years. Rick and James have always been a step ahead and are constantly finding the next best way to expand into new areas. Bringing in Homeware long before this became a popular element amongst Retail meant we really could pave the way in what we bought in. We started thinking what we wanted and liked, and started from there. Likewise with Kids. All these great offerings are now an integral part of Superette. We have incredible Buyers who have grown these categories to where they are today. Its only getting better!

A typical day for me is never the same. I have my To Do list I write on Monday morning and am always adding to it throughout. I don't think I ever complete it. I love a checklist! My days will consist of Company Trade meetings, store visits and catch ups with our Buyers and Planners. Depending on where we are in the month, Budget meetings and planning for the next quarter is a big one, and I am always Trend forecasting and looking for the next must have brand, or item. If Market has opened up for the next Sell, I'll be at showings and firing off orders. We travel to Sydney often as a lot of our key brands and suppliers are there. These buying trips are always hectic and I love it. We can see up to 15 showings a day at times and you get so much more out of these appointments being in person than online via zoom. I am zoomed out!

Travel must be such a fun and exciting part of your role. What types of trends do you see overseas vs. New Zealand? And what’s it like getting to bring certain styles and trends into the country for people to wear?

Travel is one of my favourite parts of my role. I am a super tactile person and love to see fabrications and fits in person, especially when bringing in new brands. You definitely see the more prominent Trends during Market, and it's fun to see these come to light on our Buying trips. It might be a colour, or a shape through each range we view. This is how trends generally take form and we can start to map out how these will look in store. We then pass on this information to our VM and Retail teams, Brand and Social, and Digital and Ecomm. All our departments play such a key role in translating these trends across all channels to ensure the message is relayed throughout and delivered to our customers.

Despite being on opposite hemispheres with some of our brands, New Zealanders are pretty savvy and up to date on trends happening around the world.  We love a trend so always aim to have these in-store in the moment, to keep our customers wardrobes up to date.

What brands are you loving at the moment, and why?

I am loving a couple of newer brands we have recently bought into Superette. I am in love with Australian brands St.Agni and Anna Quan for their contemporary staples with a twist. I live in a slouchy tailored pant and blazer most days, so these brands speak my language. Their fits and fabrications are incredible and I need everything we get in.

Denim is also on high rotation in my wardrobe and I love Agolde denim for nailing the perfect low slung slouch denim in the best washes. Can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans and a fresh white tee.

What is it about fashion that inspires you the most, and why?

I love the diversity of it, the creativity, and how it can be so personal. It's such an expression of individualism, and the older I get the more unapologetic I am with what I wear. I have enjoyed watching my style evolve in my 20's and 30's being the good, the bad and the ugly, hah!  I like when I would say 'I would never wear those colours together'' and then find myself loving it later on. That to me is evolving my eye and palette. 

Fashion is fun, and even the most classic of styles can be elevated with the quality of the cut, or by adding a statement piece of jewellery such as the Stella bracelets, or the Brave Heart earrings paired back with a crisp white tee and blue jean. Divine.