The animals in this collection represent the qualities we cherish and cultivate, the loyalty of the swallow who travels far and always returns home to its nest. The wild wolf who knows no fear and is always ready for action. The independent cat who will never sacrifice freedom or dignity. The dove with an olive branch; an ancient symbol of peace and hope, and the wise serpent full of ancient knowledge and power.

For this collection we returned to our roots, carving almost every piece by hand using techniques that date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. We felt that the wild spirit of nature was better channeled through the careful and skilled hand work that we have specialised in.

The subtle imperfections in the hand-made pieces give a different feel to the industry standard of 3D printing, these traditional skills are being lost and we love to celebrate and maintain them.

Call of the Wild features Chrome Diopside stones from Siberia in Russia, when we look at these stones they are alive with the vivid green of spring leaves and life unfurling. We have used a beautiful Brazilian Pink Tourmaline stone, radiating tones of love and warmth.

The pieces of this collection were designed to be worn together, or layered with your other treasured Zoe & Morgan jewels.

These pieces layer beautifully, we have returned to an old favourite theme of antique and ancient coins. Channeling the subtle beauty of imperfection that comes from hand work, these coins have an ancient look but a modern feel. Signets and medallions are two of the oldest forms of jewellery and have been worn by both men and women alike for thousands of years, we have honoured this by making the collection in both mens and womens sizes.

These considered styles have been consciously crafted to integrate into your daily wear with ease, giving new life to your existing jewellery collection. Designed to be worn by anyone, these neutral pieces are ready for you to carry across seasons.

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