"No matter how many months there are between seeing each other, when we're reunited we just pick up right where we left off."

How did you two meet, and how long have you been friends for?

A: We grew up in the same small beach town, Oakura in Taranaki - we met at school, even at 6 Zara had an eye for fashion and apparently my favorite purple jersey got her approval, we've been friends, more like sisters, ever since. So 28 years now!

Z: We met at school when we were 6 years old! Abbylee was wearing a purple sweatshirt and I really liked it so decided we should be friends.

Describe your friendship in 3 words.

A: Sisterly, loyal and fun.

Z: Love, Dream, Forever (this is a slightly embarrassing matching tattoo we got when we were 18)

What's your favourite thing about each other?

A: I so appreciate her honesty, she's an open book and also her loyalty - no matter how many months might between seeing each other when we're reunited we just pick up right where we left off.

Z: Her energy and her laugh! Abbylee has the best laugh. It's very loud and everyone around can't help but join in!

What's the best thing about having such a long friendship with one another?

A: The feeling that nothing could come between us.  Having spent so many years together we know things about each other that don't really come up when you start a new friendship and with that comes a bond like no other!

Z: We’ve both lived in different countries and cities but no matter how much distance is between us nothing changes. She’s part of my family and I know that she always will be.

Can you tell us about a special memory you’ve shared together?

A: Oh my goodness, hard to choose one! Having Zara stay with me on the eve of my wedding was so incredibly special, there was so much laughter! You know when you're young and share half of a 90's BFF broken heart necklace with your bestie and swore that she would be your Maid of Honor?! Well 25 years on we no longer had the necklaces but she was there and it was the best!

Also all the little things from our childhood, like rowing a dinghy out into the middle of Whangaruru Harbour and feeling like we were wild adventures, or dressing up and doing lip sync competitions in the middle of the mall food court, making her draw on my back while sitting on the mat in primary school, eating the best roasted potatoes for dinner every night at Zara's house and knowing that she was always there for me - I don't remember many things from my childhood but memories with Zara are many!

Z: My family would spend summer holidays up north and Abbylee would often come away with us. We would stay in this tiny little town with not much to do, so it was always fun having Abbylee with me. We would row around in the little dinghy and go fishing, lots of swims and collecting sea shells.

Where do you see your friendship in the next 28 years?

A: I hope to still be stealing her clothes and telling our grandchildren about our childhood lip syncing competitions and modeling shows, the many different times we've lived together and our elaborate story of how we are actually sisters because unbenounced to our Mum's, our Dad got two women pregnant just a few months apart...

What Zoe & Morgan piece would you gift each other?

Z: I would gift Abbylee the Luna diamond necklace, for some reason the crescent moon just reminds me of her.