With international travel being limited this past year, Morgan explored Indonesia and reaffirmed his love for diving, discovering magical waters and witnessing the true beauty of nature, and how it can flourish when untouched. 

These experiences and discoveries underwater influenced the designs of the collection; the shape and texture of corals, algaes and plants are captured within pieces that express the organic and natural form of this wildlife.

Sea-life inspired shapes with interesting and irregular textures make for structural and bold styles. 

Cultured freshwater pearls in Baroque and Circle shapes adorn this collection, exuding a vibrant iridescent lustre unique to each pearl. 

Elongated Baroque pearls give a feel of elegance, whilst the Circle pearls have a more classic shape for those with an appreciation for timeless style. 

We’ve hand-made many of the styles in our Mutiara collection, using the technique of wax carving, an old art tradition going back many years to ancient Egypt.

The subtle imperfections that come from handwork let these pieces seem more akin to the coral and wildlife discovered, true to how they really appear on the ocean floor.

Mutiara, meaning pearl in Indonesian, is a tribute to nature and it’s organic form.