"For me, healing of the mind, body and soul comes from integrating all aspects of our lives and living our purpose."

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up and how did you begin your career as a doctor?

I was born and raised in Brazil, in a city in the countryside of Sao Paulo.

I travelled to live in Australia when I was a teenager and decided to live close to the Ocean ever since.

Back from Australia I started the Medical University at the same time that I dove into my yoga practice. Yoga led me also to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine that is all about digestion; of food and emotions.

The path of healing and awareness, understanding about the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle were totally influenced by these two sciences in my life.

Having experienced many holistic therapies, relating to energy and self-healing, I could understand better how us as complex organisms, need to be seen as a whole and be treated that way.

For me, healing of the mind, body and soul comes from integrating all aspects of our lives and living our purpose.

Taking care of our temple inside and out is the higher form of Love and Gratitude.

How did you find yourself living in Bali, and what do you enjoy most about living there?

After working for a couple of years after graduating, I found myself searching for more. Wanting to learn more, I felt an urge to travel to the west side of the world to see it with my own eyes, absorbing as much as I can and learning more about holistic health & wellness practices.

What I love the most about being in Bali is the possibility to enjoy life at the fullest, taking care of myself while I help others with information and inspiration. One of the best things here is the abundant nature where we can connect to our true essence and live a life co-creating with consciousness.

Another great thing is getting to know people from all around the world, different cultures and sharing knowledge, good experiences, laughs, surfing, sunsets and amazing organic food together.


We see you speak about Ayurveda on your Instagram, can you give those who aren’t familiar with this a little overview into what Ayurveda is, and how you practise this in life?

Originating from India, Ayurveda has been practiced for over 5000 years, and is recognized today around the world for its profound knowledge and healing power. It’s a form of alternative medicine, emphasising the full connection between body, mind and spirit. It is one of the most complete sciences for not only the treatment, but prevention towards ill health. Based on a model of total well-being, the science of longevity allows us to accomplish our full potential in all aspects of our lives.

By understanding your own constitution and biotype, known as doshas, you can start to make more conscious choices for your health.

From a view that we process everything that we get in contact with, such as our senses, from food to emotions and knowing that we are all different and have different needs, Ayurveda guides us towards what elements we can add or remove from our nutrition and habits to improve our digestion and well being.

We’ve also loved discovering the delicious meals you create! Could you share your current favourite recipe with us?

I have found a great passion for cooking healing food. What I love more is what I call the “intuitive kitchen”, where I can use my imagination and creativity to create delicious healing food.

Basically I love to understand what I am eating and why I am eating it. What kind of nutrients and health benefits I can get from it? It amazes me how Mother Earth can nourish us with so much life and energy through the delicious food we eat.
I’ve been cooking a lot of veggies, kitchari (a typical Ayurvedic recipe) and smoothie bowls. I'll share my recent favourite Açaí Smoothie Bowl recipe.

2 frozen bananas
Organic sugar free açaí
1 frozen mango
1 avocado
1 teaspoon of flax seeds

Blend it all with a little bit of water until it reaches a creamy consistency. For the toppings you can get creative and use your favourite nuts and seeds:

Homemade granola
Coconut flakes
Pumpkin seeds
More banana 
Fresh fruit
Chia seeds

Açaí is a superfood, loaded with antioxidants and very healthy when you consume it without sugar or preservatives! In the avocado, seeds and nuts you'll find the good fats necessary for our body and brain function, as well as our hormone production. Have fun in the kitchen, explore your creativity and always choose food full with life and energy! Fruits and veggies are a gift from nature, let’s enjoy!

You travelled with Morgan and our team to shoot our latest collection, Mutiara, had you ever shot underwater before?!

Only for fun! Diving is one of my biggest passions. I used to travel a lot when living in Brazil and had some experiences diving with whale sharks, tiger sharks, rays, turtles and all kinds of beautiful marine life. The ocean always fascinates me and this is why this campaign was so special to me. Being on an island so full of life, seeing the pearl farm up close and being able to create art with this beautiful team was magnificent.


Finally, what is your favourite piece from our Mutiara collection?

Hard to say, I loved all of them! But my favorites were the ones inspired by coral, the Gili earrings and Komodo bracelet. I also love the Mutiara necklace with a freshwater pearl in the middle.