"Imagine if everyone in the world did one thing every day to make the workd a better place, that would be 7.5 billion actions every day."

What are your favourite parts of your daily routine?

I love my morning routine. I live in the country with an inspiring view of the beach and the surrounding hills which I hike most mornings.

I was lucky I grew up with a Mum who introduced me to a lot of practices before they were “in vogue” we had dry skin brushes, oil pulled with sesame oil, sprouting jars on the bench, foods fermenting and kombucha brewing.

I also make time to read or write before heading off to work at my store Tea and Tonic.

Do you think running sustainable business has affected the way in which you make and buy things, both at work and home?

Yes absolutely- I have my NZ made clothing line MONNI where I work only with natural fibres and vintage and designer ends of fabric.

I noticed early on in life how everything was connected and every action has an effect, so with this knowledge I decided I would do everything in my power to make my actions more mindful.

When we opened the doors of Tea and Tonic it seemed only natural that we would be selling beautiful New Zealand made products that were truly sustainable. We also have a zero tolerance on soft plastics and a strict criteria businesses need to meet around packaging.


What do you find helps you maintain health and happiness?

Some pearls of wisdom are go to bed early, sleep enough, move enough and make your exercise something you enjoy, eat quality over quantity, choose whole foods organic or spray free, buy local and in season, find your nearest farmers market and for the sake of yourself and the planet buy food that is not in plastic packaging.

Enjoy nature and your body they are such precious gifts. Find joy in all the little things. Surround yourself with people that love you and accept you for who you are then find empathy for people who you find challenging because they too are doing the best they can.

Remember love and gratitude hold the key to all healing and inner happiness.

What pieces of Zoe & Morgan do you treasure?

I have been buying Zoe & Morgan for a few years now so I have quite a few pieces in my collection.

I love my latest edition the Golden Hour Ring and matching Golden Hour Necklace.

Photographer: Claire Mossong at Wildwood Photography